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Haeckels House

Our business began with one seaweed harvest and one bar of soap in 2012 in Margate. Since then we have gone on to create a range of products that are 100% natural and are inspired by the ocean that we look upon every day.

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Based on the clifftops of Margate, Haeckels House had been left abandoned for 18 years before we took over the building. Beginning with a shop, we soon expanded, opening a Japanese-inspired treatment room specialising in Thalassotherapy and treatments composed by the ocean.


In 2019 we have expanded into three floors, each with its own identity and purpose, all designed around the goal of helping our customers to relax, recover and return to the outside world in a peaceful and calm way.  On the ground floor we have our original retail space and orginal Treatment Room One.


Moving up the wooden staircase dating back to 1935, you will find a room to store your devices, bags and outerwear and will then be welcomed into our relaxation room with its floor-to-ceiling glass that looks out over the Lido and onto the sea. The view alone is calming, peaceful and meditative.


You can choose to use this space for as long as you wish. There is a kitchen facility, refreshments available and of course a refill station for your water bottle.


On our second floor you will find our treatment rooms and WC. Painted in Hot Coral to reflect our love of the ocean. The two treatment rooms are fitted with sound systems that will cocoon you in soothing sounds and transport you to new spaces during your appointment. The front room has an incredible Sea view whilst the room towards the rear is larger and more versatile, enabling us to offer some treatments that were previously not possible in our building

Finally, our seaweed bathroom. Fitted with the one of the most comfortable baths on the market, this room provides sea views as you bath in the wild harvested seaweed we collect from the beaches you see below. As the alginate is released from the seaweed you will feel it soothe your skin, relax your body and enable you to unwind before returning to the outside world.


Haeckels House is something we wanted to create for 6 years, it is only now that we are realising this dream and we welcome all of you to come and enjoy the space, be at one with the ocean and enjoy the latest treatments available from our in-house experts.


Facilities On Site

  • Lockers

  • Changing Room

  • Shower

  • WC

  • Free Guest Wifi

  • Robes

  • Relaxation Room

  • Refreshments