Established in 2012, Haeckels offer a full range of treatments composed by the sea including Facials, Massages, Reflexology and many more /



Full Body Massage

60 or 90 mins / £50 / £70

A top to toe bespoke full body massage. Whether you have specific concerns or just need to unwind, this treatment will be tailor made to your needs. Using our range of Haeckels massage oils you will feel totally indulged, relaxed and free of tension.


Back, Neck and Shoulder Massage

30 mins / £30

A highly effective treatment, designed to target the areas where we hold the most tension. Your therapist will work deeply into the muscles to relieve tightness and congestion.


Screen Time Saviour

30 mins / Coming Later in 2019

This treatment is the perfect antidote to the ever increasing number of hours we are spending in front of a screen. The treatment starts with a face and eye cleanse and a collagen eye mask is applied.  Whilst the eye mask works to hydrate the eye area your therapist will massage away tension through the shoulders, neck and scalp and then perform a pressure point and drainage massage over the eye area using our anti ageing eye serum. Our specially formulated  moisturiser will then be applied to the face which helps to protect the skin from damaging blue light to finish.  


Pregnancy Massage

60 mins / £50

Using specially developed massage techniques, this treatment is the ultimate in relaxation for the expectant mother. This full body massage will ease away aches and pains, help to boost circulation and our luxurious oils will nourish your skin. This treatment is available for the second and third trimesters of pregnancy.


Detoxifying Seaweed Wrap

90 mins / £90

This treatment uses locally harvested seaweed in its purest form to detoxify the body and revitalise your skin. Seaweed contains a plethora of body boosting vitamins and minerals which help to boost metabolism, fight against free radicals and feed the skin. Starting with a full body exfoliation to remove dry skin and boost your circulation you will then be wrapped in a warm cocoon of fresh seaweed and receive a relaxing scalp massage. The seaweed will be removed and you will then receive a detoxifying drainage massage with an oil of your choice.   


Seaweed, Sea Buckthorn And Walnut Shell Body Scrub 

45 mins / £30

This invigorating treatment removes dull, dry skin from the body and boosts circulation. A full body exfoliation followed by the application of a body oil of your choice leaves your skin feeling fresh and silky soft.


Hydrating Body Wrap

60 min / £50

This indulgent body treatment leaves your skin feeling smooth, soft and hydrated.  Using a body brush the skin is exfoliated and the circulation stimulated before our warm seaweed and pumpkin body balm is applied. You will then be cocooned in a heated blanket and receive a relaxing head massage whilst the cream soaks deeply into the skin providing nourishment and hydration. The treatment is concluded by massaging over the body with a hydrating massage oil of your choice.  


Anti-Cellulite Wrap

60 min / coming later in 2019

This treatment focuses on the upper legs, buttocks and stomach and has been designed to stimulate circulation, detoxify the body and improve the appearance of cellulite. It begins with an exfoliation of these areas to boost circulation and prepare the skin for the application of our anti-cellulite serum. You will then be cocooned in our heated blanket whilst the serum gets to work on breaking down cellulite whilst you receive a relaxing head massage. After the wrap, a stimulating massage will be performed to the legs, buttocks and stomach to drain away toxins, boost the flow of lymph and smooth the appearance of the skin. For best results a course of treatments is recommended.


Deep Cleansing Back Treatment 

45 min / £45

A deep cleansing facial for the back. This treatment includes a thorough cleanse and exfoliation of the back followed by steam and extractions. Our rebalancing seaweed mask is then applied to draw out impurities and replenish the skin and our vitamin packed ecomarine extract moisturiser is applied to finish.

Seaweed Bath

30 min / £25

Using seaweed in its purest form this treatment is deeply relaxing, detoxifying and healing for the skin. Enjoy uninterrupted sea views and an unique soundscape whilst soaking away your worries in our warm seaweed bath.  





60 min / £50

This powerful, ancient foot treatment is deeply relaxing. Different reflex points on the feet will be massaged to help rebalance the body's energy. This treatment can help with stress related conditions, hormone imbalances and give your body a general boost.


Detoxifying Seaweed Foot Treatment 

30 min / coming later in 2019

This powerful treatment not only helps detoxify the body but is also deeply relaxing. The treatment begins with an exfoliation of the lower legs and feet and then the feet are soaked with our detoxifying seaweed bath salts. Whilst the feet are soaking you will receive a relaxing scalp massage and then the treatment is completed with a reflex foot massage to help stimulate the elimination of toxins and relax the body.   




Haeckels SignatureSeaweed Facial

70 min / £75 

Our signature facial will be tailored to your individual needs and will leave your skin cleansed, bright and glowing! To start, skin is thoroughly cleansed and exfoliated.

A warm steam infusion is applied to the face to open up the pores and any congestion is extracted. Our refining seaweed mask is applied to rebalance the skin and you will receive a relaxing scalp massage during this time.

This is followed by a gentle lymphatic drainage massage using one of our bespoke serums to further detoxify and feed the skin. Finally, our eye bright serum and eco marine extract moisturiser will be applied to complete the treatment. 


Deep Cleansing Seaweed Facial

60 min / £60 

This results driven, deep cleansing facial focusses on removing congestion and impurities from the skin. Your skin is thoroughly cleansed and exfoliated followed by steam and extractions. 

Our refining seaweed mask is then applied to further remove impurities and rebalance the skin whilst you receive a relaxing scalp massage.

To finish, a specially selected facial serum, eye serum and moisturiser are applied to the skin to replenish and hydrate. 


Hydrating Seaweed Facial 

45 min / £45 

This treatment leaves your skin looking bright and hydrated. Skin is thoroughly cleansed and exfoliated to remove impurities and brighten the complexion. You will then receive a detoxifying lymphatic drainage massage followed by our hydrating kelp bioferment mask. The treatment is completed with the application of our specially selected facial serum, eye serum and moisturiser.


Express Facial

30 min / £30 

A bespoke facial treatment for people who are a little short on time. You skin is thoroughly cleansed and exfoliated and our calming and clearing seaweed mask is applied. The treatment is completed with the application our facial serum and moisturiser.




Luxury Manicure

60 min / £25 

This indulgent manicure includes shaping and cuticle work followed by a brightening exfoliation of the hands. Tension is then eased as the hands and forearms are massaged with our seaweed and geranium hand balm.  The nails are then neatly painted with a colour of your choice.


Luxury Pedicure

60 min / £30 

This relaxing pedicure begins by shaping the nails and tiding the cuticles. Your feet are then soaked in our detoxifying seaweed bath salts and any hard skin is removed. This is followed by a tension releasing foot massage and the colour of your choice being neatly applied to your nails.