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Our hands are exposed to the extremities of life. Our treatments aim to soothe, moisturise and nourish /

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Haeckels manicures and pedicures are treatments that care for the hands and feet, specifically addressing dry, ageing skin; rough cuticles; and nail health. Our nail therapists will consult with you to help you determine the body care products and aromas that best meet your needs.

We use Nailberry polish in our manicure and pedicure treatments which is free from the 12 most toxic ingredients found in nail varnish making it much kinder on your nails without compromising on the finish.

Luxury Manicure

60 min / £25 

This indulgent manicure includes shaping and cuticle work followed by a brightening exfoliation of the hands. Tension is then eased as the hands and forearms are massaged with our seaweed and geranium hand balm. The nails are then neatly painted with a colour of your choice.

Luxury Pedicure

60 min / £30 

This relaxing pedicure begins by shaping the nails and tiding the cuticles. Your feet are then soaked in our detoxifying seaweed bath salts and any hard skin is removed. This is followed by a tension releasing foot massage and the colour of your choice being neatly applied to your nails.

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During each appointment, a Haeckels-Trained Therapist will work with generous doses of our unique natural products to help restore calm to your skin and wellbeing.

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